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Our Aim is to give free knowledge to everyone and the best way we can do it is by sharing Facts with you. All facts here are true and fully sourced if you want to ask about the source you will find it below the fact pictures. Or you can contact us Here.

Now lets get you started with some random weird facts about life.

More life forms live onto your skin than the entire human population on earth.

A normal U.S citizen consumes, on average, almost 35 tons of food during his lifetime.

Your skin is replaced 900 times during the whole lifetime.

On average, you spend three months of your whole lifetime sitting on a toilet.

On average, each one of us takes 183,755,600 steps in our lifetime.

Eighty percent of all the humans earn less than 300 bucks each month.

An average, Americans spends more than five months of their lifetime talking on a phone.

Those who have a huge friend circle have been found to live almost 3.7 years more as opposed to the people who like to stay isolated.

Sitting for over 3 hours daily can reduce almost 2 years of your life expectancy.

Men have shorter lives than women because the immune system of men tends to age quicker than women.

Regular jogging can help you live 6 years longer, on average.

Almost half of the men in the United States face the risk of developing some type of cancer during their lifetime.

The menstruation period of women takes almost 4 years of their lifetime.

A majority of people can survive up to sixty days in the absence of food, however, they can live only for 11 days in the absence of sleep.

Through her life, a British woman spends $160,000 on her make up stuff.

Kissing takes almost 2 weeks of a person’s life on average.

1/5th of Americans think that they’ll see an apocalypse at some part of their life.

People spend almost 25 years of their life sleeping. That’s around 1/3rd of their lifetime.

The human brain is able to hold as much as 1 quadrillion individual bits of info in its lifetime.

On average, you spend 2 weeks of your life waiting for a light signal change from red to green.

Cockroaches are able to live multiple weeks without their heads.

By the year 2080, the human population is likely to rise to almost fifteen billion.

On average, a lead pencil can write a line that’s around 35 miles long.

American’s spend almost one & a half year of their life watching various ads on the TV set.

In order to create one pound of honey, a honeybee needs to visit two million flowers.

Among all the animals, elephants are the only one who can’t jump.


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