10 Fun and interesting facts about Ecuador

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Weird Facts about Ecuador

  1. Buses in Ecuador stop for almost anybody on the roadside who flags them down. The truth is, the drivers of these buses are joined by a person who stands at the door, calls out the destination of the bus & looks for fresh riders.
  1. The trash trucks in the country play the music similar to the ice-cream trucks within the United States.
  1. Ecuador although uses an American dollar, still nobody is willing to offer a change. For those traveling here from the United States, bring an adequate amount of change. You won’t be able to purchase anything using a $20 bill which does not cost a minimum of 18 bucks.
  1. Like a number of other countries which depend mainly on their tourism, there’s a “gringo” amount & the local amount. For those who cannot speak Spanish in a decent way, be ready to pay for the gringo tax found in several markets & stores of Ecuador.
  1. People in Ecuador enjoy freshly squeezed juices, so you are likely to find them at every meal. The good thing is, it is quite tasty & you won’t find such flavor anywhere else in the world.
  1. Guinea pig (also known as Cuy) is one of the most popular delicacies in Ecuador. So, you will see it in several restaurants. In fact, you could get a live one at the nearby animal marketplace.
  1. Here, you’ll also find ají, a very delightful salsa on virtually every restaurant’s table.
  1. Most of you would probably be familiar with the weavers, however very few will know that the country is the manufacturer of popular Panama hat as well. These hats were initially transported towards the Panama Channel for global distribution. Hence, the name Panama hat. Along with Panama hats, different types of felt & leather hats are also manufactured in Ecuador.
  1. In Ecuador, Daylight Saving Time is not observed like many northern nations in the South American continent. With 12hr. long days & 12 hr. long nights throughout the year, there’s no need for it.
  1. People in Ecuador are not that tall. Most of them not even hit the 5 feet mark. Although, the typical population is slightly taller, still not that tall.
  1. Another thing that will surprise most is the number of beggars here is not that much when compared to other nations.
  1. Many people here prefer to do multiple jobs instead of just depending on just a single job.

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