11 Amazingly Weird Facts About Dolphins

Dolphin Facts

Weird facts about dolphins

Almost 36 dolphins with weapons have been missing ever since the year 2005. They were trained by the American Navy for killing the terrorists.

In the later part of 1950, during an experiment to know whether dolphins were capable of learning human language, one of the experimenter gave a dolphin hand job after which the dolphin tried to woo and mate the experimenter in an aggressive manner. After this, the dolphin was given LSD as the final resort for identifying if it could make the creature talk.

According to some studies, dolphins start naming themselves ever since they are young & keep it for the rest of their life. Other dolphins are able to identify the name even if it is never spoken by the one with that name.

Male dolphins separate females from their circles & disallow them any kind of food till they get ready to mate.

In the year 2006, Bau Xishun, the world’s tallest man, had to use his long arms in order to take off the plastic substances from the stomach of two dolphins saving their lives. The guy was called after the instructors tried a number of techniques & failed.  

Dolphins are easily able to know the skeleton of the human beings with the help of their sonar. Often times, these creatures even help shipwreck victims battle with the sharks & remain afloat, since too are mammals & know drowning.

Pelorus Jack, a dolphin regularly guided ships in the New Zealand waters all throughout the unfaithful route of Cook Strait till he disappeared during 1912. The dolphin was even protected under the Sea Fisheries Act 1904, by the Order in Council after a person tried shooting it with the rifle. In fact, Pelorus Jack was the first ever sea creature to be protected in such a way.

Dolphins have an incredible power which allows them to treat severe injuries very quickly which helps them regenerate their earlier body shape.

In 2013, researchers saw a deformed and lonely dolphin being accepted in the family of sperm whales.

According to scientists, dolphins should be given all the rights which humans have taken into account the structure of their brain as well as their complex social life. In fact, one ethics expert mentions them as nonhuman persons.

Dolphins tend to only rest a single hemisphere of their brain. This allows them to breathe and take the required rest.


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