22 interesting and weird facts about giant Pandas

Giant panda eating

Giant Panda

  • The giant pandas are one of the rarest and shyest animals in the world when you see one you would think it looks like a bear but if you look closely they look more like racoons.
  • Panda’s in general are solitary creatures that appreciate chilling, around в…” of the day they are just eating and relaxing.
  • While the giant panda usually feeds on bamboo, it is actually listed as a carnivore animal.
  • Panda’s spend around 16 hours a day eating. How weird is that?
  • They have very strong jaws and biggest molar teeth of flesh eating animals.
  • Can crush a diameter of four cm Bamboo using only their teeth
  • Also known as great climbers, pandas can climb up to 4,000 meters high
  • Interesting enough giant panda’s are also great swimmers.
  • Their biggest threats in the animal kingdom are usually Wild dogs, Bears and leopards. Thats why probably they are good climbers.
  • Giant pandas normally hides in small caves or inside a hollow tree, however they do not hibernate.
  • Just like how dogs urinate to mark their territories, pandas spread some kind of scent from under its tail.
  • Female panda usually gives birth for only one cub. In Fact pandas rarely give birth to twins and if it happens sadly most of the time the second cub wont make it
  • Panda’s are born white only then the black starts to kick in to make those amazing black spots.
  • Baby panda will stay with its mother till 18 months old.
  • In China they used to hunt it for the believe it can protect them from evil spirits. Hunting is restricted now in China
  • 1,000 pandas only now live in the wild, making it a rare and endangered animal.
  • Giant Pandas get most of their water from the bamboo they consume.
  • The cubs open their eyes after six weeks from being born.
  • The Chinese Empress Dowager bo was found with a panda skull in her vault. pandas were believed to be a noble and rare animal in the past.
  • The Logo of WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is a giant panda.
  • They normally live around 14 to 20 years.

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