24 Interesting Facts About Elephants

Weird Facts About Elephants

 1. Once believed to be same species, savannah elephants & forest elephants are distinct, suggests a recent genetic study.

2. Tusks are nothing but an incisor teeth of an elephant which are used for digging, lifting and defense.

3. African elephants understand that roads can be dangerous, so they walk fourteen times faster than typical whilst crossing a road which they consider unsafe.

4. The requirement of forest elephants for mineral salt draws them towards the mineral rich forest clearings called as bais. Here, they extract the essential minerals from the rivers beds, streams & dig in the soil by kneeling down inside using their trunks. 

5. Elephants are key to the ecological balance of the forests. They dig pools of water which most other animals heavily rely on.

6. Elephants can scatter seeds over several miles, allowing new life to prosper.

7. A few tree species are able to reproduce only after elephants have scattered their seeds.

8. Whenever a familiar group of elephants unify, they trumpet & rumble, entangle their trunks, flap their ears showing a lot of interest in one another.

9. Elephants mourn other dead elephants, staying alongside the remains of the killed member for several hours, at times even days. 

10. Elephants display unselfishness and self-awareness.

11. Elephants have the ability to identify themselves in the mirror.

12. Elephants welcome their family member or friend who has been away from them for some time.

13. An elephant herd is led by its matriarch. Her sharp memory allows her to locate the available sources of water and food during the periods of drought.

14. The trunk of an elephant features a finger like extension onto its end that acts like a hand and picks up tiny stuff.

15. Elephants have an incredible sense of smell; however, their eye sight is weak.

16. Elephant utilize their trunk for sensing the shape, temperature and size of an object. Their trunk can suck 1 gallon of water at one go.

17. Elephants have thin, large ears which has a complex setup of blood vessels which help regulate their body temperature.

18. During the summer period, elephants flap their ears in order to regulate their body temperature.

19. The soft padding found onto the feet of an elephant lets him uphold his weight & avoids slipping.

20. The feet of an elephant are quite sensitive & allow him to catch ground vibrations, which also includes the call from other elephants up to ten miles away.

21. African elephants may travel in a group of 2 – 8 consisting of a female elephant along with her offspring or a few females with their offspring.

22. A baby elephant may weigh over 200lbs at birth.

23. Baby elephants tend to stay close to their mother. In fact, they rarely stray more than 15ft. away from her.

24. A fully grown elephant can consume hundreds of pounds of food each day.

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