8 Weird Facts About South Africa

South Africa Facts

Interesting Facts about South Africa


  1. South Africa actually has three official capitals instead of one.
  1. Pretoria: administrative capital, 2. Cape Town: the legislative capital & 3. Bloemfontein: the judicial capital of the country.
  1. The world saw the first ever heart transplantation surgery being carried out here in Cape Town at the Groote Schuur Hospital. This operation was done by a surgeon named Christiaan Barnard in the year 1967. Although, it was declared as a successful operation, the fact is that the patient expired only 18 days after the surgery, due to double pneumonia. Meaning the person’s body didn’t reject the new heart.
  1. Route 62 in South Africa is the largest wine route across the globe. It’s an attractive route that passes through regions like the Klein Karoo, Wellington, Robertson, Worcester, Oudtshoorn & Calitzberg. This route expenses over a distance of almost 850km in between Port Elizabeth & Cape Town as a substitute & highly suggested route rather than the regular N2 road.
  1. The country is home the place of Tugela Falls, the second biggest waterfall across the globe. Its entire drop is around 948m (i.e., 3110 ft.) in 5 serial leaps in which the longest continuous leap is about 411m (i.e., 1350 ft.)
  1. In South Africa, you get the opportunity to share a sunny & warm beach with penguins. Different groups of the African penguins, which are also called as Jackass penguins reach the west coast of the country for breeding. The best place for visiting these cute birds is undoubtedly the Boulders beach, adjacent to the Simon’s town.
  1. With well over six million trees, the city of Johannesburg has the largest man-made forest worldwide. As the region here was initially grassland, almost every tree was planted for providing the wood for the rising mine business during the nineteenth century. Nevertheless, there are a number of discussions whether the city can legitimately claim the title & if the trees here can be believed to be the forest. But one thing is for sure, Johannesburg can certainly among of the most wooded metropolises globally.
  1. The country has eleven official languages including English, Afrikaans, Ndebele, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Northern Sotho, Tsonga, Venda, Swazi & Tswana. However, Zulu seems to be the most typical one. Nevertheless, English holds the title of the leading language. English is commonly spoken by most South Africans.
  1. The 3rd largest canyon worldwide is present in the country. It is called as The Blyde River Canyon.


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