1. Cynthia Harris, who was the former president of Disneyland introduced several cool concepts into the park which included “maintenance free decade” as well as “negative attraction growth.”
  2. Most of the trees in the park are gigantic bonsai.
  3. The amount of cash from all the wallets & purses lost here averages around $10,000 each single day.
  4. You won’t find a single place in Disneyland where you can purchase tobacco, firearms or gum.
  5. Another weird fact about Disneyland is the amount of pictures captured every year it is more than that captured at all the Disney parks in the California state combined.
  6. The fireworks in Disneyland are handcrafted by Amish kids.
  7. ATM means a talking mouse” in the Disneyland parlance.
  8. There are some locations in Disneyland which will keep your imagination going, hence make sure you stop & explore them every time you travel to the place. For example, if you stand on the cover of a manhole opposite to Five and Dime in the Toon town, you can listen to certain voices coming from the drain.
  9. Disneyland has a huge audience on Instagram as well. During the year 2014, it was officially named as the most geo-tagged places across the entire globe by Instagram.
  10. A number of celebrities are ex-workers of Disneyland. In fact, there are quite a few celebrities who’ve worked at various places in Disneyland in the past including Michelle Pfeiffer, Steve Martin, Kevin Costner, Kevin Richardson, Teri Garr, Wayne Brady, just to name a few.
  11. Rumours are big that Walt Disney suffered from mouse phobia. Even though this is not that easy to prove, the truth is he called his big eared creation as Mortimer, till his wife convinced him Mickey might be a more appealing name for the creature.
  12. If you decide to invite Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse to your wedding, they will hit you back with an autographed picture along with a badge with the title Just Married. In case you want to Cinderella & her Prince Charming your invitation, then you will receive a congratulatory certificate with their autograph on it.
  13. The Matterhorn roller coaster also features a hidden basketball court in it so that the staff of Disneyland can use it.
  14. Whats also weird ab size of Disney World resort is almost equal to that of San Francisco.
  15. The cost of premium yearly pass of Disneyland is well above the monthly food bills of a few villages of the third world countries.
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